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Relaxers! Are they good or bad?

Well it depends. It depends on who you're asking. If you ask someone that had a bad experience; you might get a yes. Let's say...…. she asked her cousin to put her relaxer in. Nah! The cousin has never been taught how to apply a relaxer the correct way. And obviously she not a licensed cosmetologist. But she always put her mom's, two sisters, and her own relaxer in and everyone's hair looked great. Their natural hair pattern is thick and curly.

So she goes to the store and buy a Super Relaxer because her hair is super curly, thin and soft but she wants it bone straight. She then goes to the cousin's house and he cousin proceeds to put the relaxer in. The cousin say's "Imma let is sit because your hair is super curly." Forty-five minutes goes by and as she's rinsing the relaxer out her hair is falling in the sink. So if you ask her she may say that relaxers are bad.

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